Compare the surgical data of e one million patients ID Deep Data LASIK·LASEK ID Deep Data-based LASIK·LASEK of Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic
is an advanced customized LASIK · LASEK surgery
suggesting the surgical method that perfectly fits your eyes
by comparing big data of 10,000 people.

Search for 100% goodness of fit surgery with AI

ID Deep Data

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Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic’s ID Deep Data-based LASIK & LASEK
finds out the best surgical method based on deep data screening results
after pre-surgery examinations are taken.
It is the advanced customized surgery that the greatest number of patients
show the best surgical results.

Through 81 types of exams ID Deep Data Screening

ID Deep Data Screening is a required process for a customized surgery
that suggests the patients for comprehensive solutions.
It compares the results of 81 types of pre-surgery exams with the data of one million patients
and comes up with a mid-long term’s data including the surgical method results and side effects
of the patients under similar conditions.

*Screen of the Deep Data Screening provided to the patients

1 Prediction of the
Target Visual Acuity

ID Deep Data Screening enables predicting the target visual acuity more accurately because the visual acuity is checked after surgeries on patients’ eyes under similar conditions to yours

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시력검사 사진
시력검사 사진
시력검사 사진
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    61 types of
    Primary Presbyopia Examinations

    14 types of visual acuity exams
    9 types of the cornea and xerophthalmia exams
    11 types of visual function exams
    10 types of optic nerves exams
    17 types of 3D anterior segment analysis

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    20 types of
    In-depth Medical Examinations

    Major crossing exams
    Rigorous analysis exams and 20 types of special exams

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    ID Deep Data

    ID Deep Data Screening
    compared to data of one million patients
    and consultation on the results

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    ID Deep Data-based
    Vision Correction Surgery

    The results from ID Deep Data are reflected to proceed with vision correction surgery

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    We introduce the post-surgery guidance
    required for the patients
    and provide an out-clinic

The Combination of Deep Data X Up-to-date Excimer Lasers


ID Deep Data LASIK·LASEK proceeds with deep data interlocked with an excimer laser and a femtosecond laser which are the world’s best-selling lasers.

Alcon Wavelight

EX500 White

The cutting-edge laser equipment corrects the refractive power
by grinding the cornea during LASIK/LASEK surgery.

  • · Fast 500hz laser speed
  • · A small amount of cornea cut
  • · A large optical portion prevents glaring
  • · Equipped with NEURO Eye Tracker

*US FDA obtained

  • Specialized in Ultra-high Myopia
    The Most Advanced All-laser LASEK

    It is commonly known that all-laser LASEK can be done only by the AMARIS laser series however it isn’t all true. Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic uses lasers 100% to operate all-laser LASEK that removes epitheliums without brushes.

    and Clear Visual Acuity

    Equipment minimizes the amount of the cornea cut but preserves the most amount of the cornea after surgery. The accuracy is maximized through in-depth repetitive and crossing exams.
    Vario [Contoura] exams enable a precise and detailed correction tailored to each individual.

  • Life-long Care.
    Responsible Care.
    Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic

    Myopic regression and corneal clouding may occur after high myopia LASEK surgery. It is necessary to pay close attention to noticeably reduce their incidence. The incidence of cataracts glaucoma and retina degeneration is high due to the characteristics of high myopia. It is crucial to keep up with regular checkups and life-long care.

ID Deep Data-based LASEK·LASIK is recommended for those

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    For those who need
    to return to their daily life asap

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    For those who wish
    to avoid painful surgery

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    Office workers or students
    who have a short holiday

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    The patients with ultra-high myopic who were previously told by other hospitals that surgery wasn’t an option

Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic is not a mass-producing type of ophthalmology clinic

We realize cutting-edge customized surgery through big data

The head directors of the clinic perform a pre-surgical read check treatment surgery and out-clinic after surgery. In particular if the patients have high or ultra-high myopia they need a thorough read check decisions on the surgical method and surgery operated by experienced ophthalmologists. One-on-one care between the patient and an ophthalmologist is also required.


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