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ID Xerophthalmia Clinic

Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic treats xerophthalmia
with our professional medical team with accumulated years of experience
the deep data-based systematic diagnosis for the causes of xerophthalmia
and moisturizing care customized to the patients.

안구건조증 안구건조증

What is

Xerophthalmia refers to a disease
accompanied by various ocular symptoms due to loss of constancy of the tear fluid caused by instability of the tear film hyperosmolarity of tears damage and inflammation of the ocular surface and abnormalities in the sensory nerves.


Many factors can cause xerophthalmia. It occurs when the production of tears decreases tears evaporate excessively the ocular surface or the lacrimal gland becomes inflamed and sometimes it occurs with aging. Recently more people have suffered from xerophthalmia while using a computer or wearing contact lenses for a long time.

ID’s Solutions for Xerophthalmia

The Characteristics of Aqua IPL Treatment

  • 아이콘

    Obtained new medical technology for the first time in Korean domestic product

  • 아이콘

    Equipped with a real-time automatic temperature sensor
    (the world's first patent registration)

  • 아이콘

    Equipped with sapphire
    (stable energy transfer compared to existing crystal)

  • 아이콘

    Completed xerophthalmia relief MGD filter approval

  • Before the surgical procedure

    A healthy meibomian gland secretes a clean uniform oil
    that prevents tears from evaporating.
    However when the meibomian gland is blocked
    an unhealthy oil is secreted which causes xerophthalmia.

  • After a surgical procedure

    It relieves blepharitis by discharging the oil layer that has become hardened at the entrance of the meibomian gland and effectively constricting the dilated blood vessels around the eyes. It treats meibomian glands with high energy delivery relieving stye redness itching and dryness symptoms.

안구건조증의 확실한 솔루션

ID 안구건조증 치료 단계
  • 체크아이콘
    Step 1.
    온찜질 및
  • 체크아이콘
    Step 2.
    아쿠아 IPL 및
  • 체크아이콘
    Step 3.
    클렌징 마사지

Xerophthalmia treatment is
crucial in terms of eye health

We conduct customized xerophthalmia treatment through the medical team’s rich experience and big data

Our professional medical team with rich surgical procedures experience
and excellent treatment results directly conducts surgical procedures
and processes the after-procedure care
at Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic's Xerophthalmia Treatment Center.


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