Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic provides services based on its exclusive deep data.

Using AI-based big data to screen surgeries and find
the proper procedure for the patient’s individual needs
Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic operates on patients
under similar conditions. We then retain the reproducibility
of the target visual acuity and the stability of the period of
maintaining the visual acuity after surgery We predict
xerophthalmia and side effects to pre-emptively respond
to and treat it which brings the best surgical results and
long-term safety. This is possible because Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic
is a medical institution with a state-of-the-art deep learning system.

What is
ID Deep Data?

< ID Deep Data > by Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic is
a pre-surgery checkup process based on our core expertise.
We suggest a comprehensive solution to provide
customized surgery for the patients.
The process allows us to compare the eye data of
about one million patients after 81 types of checkups and
contemplate the surgical method result and side effects
of the patients who have similar conditions.
Our customized surgery requires these steps
and the obtained result values are called < ID Deep Data > .

What is the Actual Scope
of Using the ID Deep Data?

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    Establishment(Nomogram) of
    Our Medical Team’s Nomogram

    ID Deep Data standardizes the
    nomogram in order for the
    Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic
    and the medical team to reduce
    variations in experience and technique
    and to reproduce the surgical results of
    surgeons with at least 20 years of surgical
    experience. It is used to maintain the
    constancy of high-quality surgical results.

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    Design of the Customized
    Surgical Method

    ID Deep Data provides data to
    bring the safest and high-quality
    surgical results to the patients.
    And the data is used as comparative
    data providing safe and high-quality
    surgical results for other patients.

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    Research and
    Academic Activities

    Patients’ data are stored in the
    ID Deep Data Storage. The more
    time goes on the more data is stored
    which leads us to finding methods
    for better surgical results. And it
    becomes the resource of clinical
    results that will be discussed
    on the academic level with other
    medical doctors worldwide.

Build the future of vision correction surgery
with ID Deep Data

Our medical team’s experience accumulated over many years
is applied 100% to the patients today.
That’s < ID Deep Data > .
Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic exceeds the limits of vision
correction surgery in the 21st century and leads the worldwide
sector of vision correction surgery using < ID Deep Data > .

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